Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thursday is Thanksgiving, and Friday is the day I hate myself.
Oh, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving. All of the's TEEMING with binge-potential. The comfort of the food get's the best of even the most strong willed people. I hope we can all remember our goal through the holidays. Remember, remember! You don't NEED the food. It only makes you fat. Right now, in front of me, I have a big bowl of pecans and I going to eat them? NO. I swear to god, I won't even it one. Tomorrow...well...I'm not going to kid myself and say that I won't lose control. I WILL TRY AS HARD AS I CAN. I swear to god. I'm planning on staying up almost all night tonight, so my want to sleep will be more powerful than my want to eat. I hope I can resist the urge to binge. I'm getting better....I had two girlfriends over the other night, and guess what my mom ordered for us?
And guess how many pieces I ate?
Okay...admittedly, that is still way to much. But, It is SO much better than six. And all I had that day was one 100 cal bowl of grits and an apple, so my daily calorie count wasn't TOO high.
Okay. You guys, stay strong. I'll see you out on the other side of tomorrow.


  1. wow , good job on that pizza! i would have eaten at least three. sounds like your doing great going on calorie king to look up the calories in all of the food tomorrow so that i know how much i should put on my plate. its still alot of calories but its only for a day.and hey, if you go shopping friday youll just burn up all of those turkey day calories anyway. :)
    stay strong


  2. wow. pizza. now that is will power! well done! Don't be too worried about thanksgicvng, your plan makes sense, you will be great!
    stay strong

  3. Thanks for the Thanksgiving pep-talk. I'm going to keep your words in my head today. Good luck today..and good job on the pizza.


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